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terça-feira, 21 de setembro de 2010


The reality of life shows us that most people are void of a clear picture of what their life is about. Most people live without a sense of purpose and destiny in life. They have a mindset that everything happens according to luck, and this fatalistic mentality is unfortunately what grips a lot of people to a static position in their lives and never advancing. And due to such kind of mentality the majority of the people that have such kind of belief systems end up living as casualties in life and without a sense of purpose and destiny. The problem with this kind of mentality is that it makes the people live without any sense of initiative and pro-activity in life, always waiting for something better to happen without making an effort to make it happen. They do not take hold of their destinies, rather they believe that some metaphysical force is in charge of their lives and they have nothing and no control about the direction of their lives. Hence, those who carry such mentalities are susceptible to always follow the direction of the wind, or rather end up as casualties of the last storm that passed through town.
The volatility of life
The problem with that is that such people are as unstable and unpredictable as the wind, they lack consistency in what they do and in the manner they live their lives. When things are good they are good, when things are bad they are bad, when things are difficult they are the most difficult people to be around. They are schizophrenics in nature thus, making them vulnerable, unstable and weak in the midst of this volatile world in which we live. We need to understand that the circumstances on planet earth are as volatile as the wind, nothing comes to stay. Everything and anything is prone to change at any time in life including ourselves, that is why we are getting older by the day and not younger, that is the natural course of life whether we like it or not. Despite the many futile attempts from humans to reverse the process of aging, we all know that that is an exercise in futility because nature must take its due course. Obviously having said that I am definitely not advocating the fact that we should not keep ourselves healthier, that is something we all have to do. Yet having in mind that that in itself just mitigates the effects of aging but does not avert it, which is something good and right to do, I am sure you know that better than I do, keep it up. Well, back to our topic!  
It is a known fact that nobody can predict what life will bring in the future; things are prone to change at any time. That is the way things are in this planet loved by many and hated by others, which shows in the way we take care of it. The global scenario is changing drastically, from the economy to political systems and social issues such as increased levels of unemployment, poverty, the disparity between the rich and the poor, civil wars, the constant fear of terrorist attacks, and the ever eminent eruption of a nuclear holocaust. Not to talk about the fury of the climatic changes that is constantly reacting to the brutality that humans have subjected the earth in which we live. The bottom line is that the frailty of human systems is being put to the test and being exposed to what it really is. These are all pointers to the fact that humans are fragile and that life is volatile, this always shows once given a set of appropriate circumstances for that to happen. The issue here is how do we react to such circumstances once they happen to us, do we complain, moan and grumble or do we face issues had on? If we follow the former than we are casualties and not visionaries.
                                                                                                     To be continued….

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