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domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010


The riots that have taken place in Mozambique for the past few days as a result of  the economic situation, are a pointer to the fact that the recession is not over yet. The poor countries are the ones that are still going to suffer the most, and because most of the governments of such countries have no other alternatives to deal with the present economic crisis, the prospects are that we will be seeing more of such from different parts of Africa and the world in general. The greatest example that we have is Greece, a bankrupt country that currently needs the aid of others to survive. The acts of vandalism that we recently witnessed taking place in Mozambique are just a snapshot of a great bubble that is about to explode. Do you think that the recession is over? Wait and see.
Unfortunately the countries that are going to suffer the most are poor countries, because most of these countries depend on foreign aid to survive. The question, therefore, is for how long will African countries still depend on foreign aid for their survival? Most of these countries that are on the begging side of life are on the verge of bankruptcy, and what will happen once they file for bankruptcy and are declared insolvent. The truth is that countries with no economic fiber place themselves in a very vulnerable position to be assaulted by those who are looking for prey. Mozambique is one of such countries and many more others.
I must say also that one of the greatest miseries for nations like Mozambique, is the corrupt leadership that they have produced. That only if one can call those people in power leaders, i personally do not believe that they deserve to be called leaders. They are thieves, charlatans, rapists, daylight robbers,  that disguise themselves as politicians and take advantage of the gullibility of the people. Thus, when the people are fed up, that's what happens, they riot, because they know not any other way to voice out their concerns.
On the other hand, the agents responsible to enforce the law and order also engaged themselves in acts of barbarity by shooting the people with live bullets. May they dare not insult the intelligence of those who are supposed to hold them accountable for such barbaric acts against human rights. We all know that rubber bullets do not kill people. If your gun is loaded with rubber bullets, the bullets do not transform themselves into live bullets once they are in peoples' bodies. Give us a break place. This is all to say that the police must be held accountable. Furthermore, those who practiced acts of vandalism should not go unpunished, may the full might of the law take its course. Regardless of the situation, there is nothing that justifies such aberrant behavior from the people. I hope that the past events will serve as a lesson for the leaders of the country and of those who are watching. 

See you soon!

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