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quinta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2010


     6.They are passionate 

Most people are not passionate about life, and that actually shows in the way they behave. They are not passionate about their jobs, they are not passionate about their marriages, they are not passionate about their careers, that’s it they lack the fuel that propels the engine to put the vehicle into motion. Without passion you will spend large part of your life complaining about everything, including Barack Obama. Have you noticed that he has become the scapegoat of so many Americans? They either blame him or the phantom called Bill Laden for their misery. Passion is what is going to keep you going when everything seems to be falling apart. One of the ways to define passion is by asking what is it that you can do with excitement without being rewarded. As I write this article is past midnight already, my wife and child are already sleeping yet I am here working. Do you know why? Because I am passionate about it, I do not need any encouragement to write and certainly I do not have to be rewarded for it because I am passionate about it, I love what I do. Got it, that is passion. You must have it if you are going to fulfill your vision.

    7.They are diligent

Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might, this is the advice of King Solomon from ancient days in the Bible. He also asks “have you seen a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before kings and not before mean men”. This is a hallmark of visionaries, they work tirelessly for the fulfillment of their vision. Diligence is one the qualities and habits that people with a vision have, they are motivated to work tirelessly for the fulfillment of their vision. Nothing deters them from continuing to work. If you want to see the fulfillment of your vision then you must love to work, you must diligently apply your time and efforts to meticulously make sure that that which you want to see coming to pass will happen.

The truth is most people are lazy, they would rather sit in the couches of their homes and watch TV for eight to ten hours or even for the all day. And then they end up spending their entire lives complaining that nothing is going their way, which is true nothing will come your way while you sit on the comfort of your house doing nothing. You reap what you sow, if you are lazy you will reap the fruits of laziness, which is nothing accomplished in your entire life, and you cannot blame anybody for that. You must develop the habit of working, after all nobody ever died from working. The best it can do for you is to improve your health and your mental productivity.

Laziness does not get anything done and accomplished in this life, if you do not apply your time and efforts to see that that vision that you have, comes to pass you will end up on the begging side of life. People with a vision are motivated to work because their vision propels them to do so, they know that they have a vision to fulfill and to bring to pass, hence, they do not spend their lives idling around and wishing that happy days will come. But they are constantly working to see the fulfillment of that vision. This is something that you cannot outsource, you must do it yourself, and it is your destiny we are talking about. So get back to work!  

 8. They are proactive

The ability to take initiative and not wait to be told what to do when things have to be done is a trait common to visionary people. One must be able to be in charge of his own destiny and making sure that it comes to pass. In life you must be proactive if you are going to get anything done. Do not wait to be told, just get up and do it go ahead and take initiative you do not need any instructions in regards to the fulfillment of your vision.

9.They are mindful of their associations

The people you associate yourself with play a pivotal role in the fulfillment of your vision, however it is up to you to make sure that you surround yourself with people of like mind in order for you to move towards the completion and the fulfillment of your vision. The proverbial scripture is so true, he who walks with the wise will be wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed. You must make sure that you surround yourself with people that are going to add value to your life and are going to help you fulfill your vision, and not people who are going to discourage you and limit you.

It is true that no man is an island, thus, you have to be very selective in how you choose your friends and partners, those who have closer access to you. Make sure that you have around yourself people that love you for your uniqueness and value what you value. These are the people that are going to be with you through thick and thin if you can identify them and bring them around yourself. Remember not everybody that says loves you is telling the truth, thus you must not gullibly enter into relationships and associations with people without first scrutinize them. Thus, because of your uniqueness, people must qualify to have access to you, not everybody should know about your life and your dreams. You must make sure that you safeguard your life and your vision like a pregnant mother takes care of her yet to be born child. Your vision is like a baby that is about to be born, so make sure that you protect that baby by engaging in right relationships.

10. They are thinkers

As a man thinks so is he and there is no way around it. Most people are lazy to think and they do not see the value of consciously taking time aside to think. They would rather spend time talking than thinking, you cannot get much done in life like that. We live in a world of thinkers, your greatest asset in life is your mind, so treasure it by making the most of it in quality thinking to see the realization of that which you want to come to pass. You are the product of your thinking, what you think is what you become. Thus, your thinking must be congruent with your vision and with that which you want to become. The quality of you thoughts determines the quality of your life.

You must also engage in creative thinking, seeking for solutions and ways of doing things in a different unconventional ways. This is what is going to distinguish you from your peers, the quality of your thinking.


I believe that the above descriptions will help you to chart a course for your life by becoming a visionary. You can either become a visionary or a casualty in life, but as you make a decision to turn a new life in your life, your case will be different. 

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