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sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

The aspect of living is one of the most challenging dilemmas in ones’ life. The way we live our lives is very critical to the kind of people that we become in society. The society in which we live is made up of individuals of some kind, the kind of society that we live in is determined by the quality of life that is in that society, and the quality of life that is displayed is in large extent determined buy the kind of individuals that make up that very society. Therefore, the emphasis and the focus of any society should always be in improving the quality of life that the individuals of that very society exhibit. The concept of quality of life may mean different things to different people, and I understand that, but for the purpose of this excerpt I define quality of life as being that which contributes to the advancement, development, progress of any society without having to infringe in the right of others in the same society. This is a concept that is difficult to live by due the disparities that exist in many societies.
It is important to consider that there are so many things that make a society; a society is made up of a myriad of individuals with their peculiarities. By this I mean that no society is homogeneous because there are always issues that separate one individual from another and that diversity I believe is what makes us unique in our own way. And that variety and diversity of individuals in a society is very important for the building of the same society. But beyond the complexity of the issues that separate and distinguish one individual from another, there is one intrinsic aspect which is pivotal for the constructing of any society. That brings me to the concept of values that I would like to cover in this brief expose’.
The importance of values in constructing a society
Any society is built upon a foundation of values that are essential for erecting the type of society that they envision. And building a society regardless of which hemisphere of the globe that it may be located, should always be done within the milieu of what has been envisioned by that very society. The constructing of any society should never be done based on the values imposed by others. Nobody has the right to impose its own values on another; therefore, this is a premise that should be the cornerstone of the fundamental values required for the erecting of any society. A valueless society is a society is a vulnerable and weak society.
The role of the family in building values
The foundation of any society is the family structure of that very society, without which no society can survive in this world. The foundation is what gives shape and strength to the rest of the building, remove the foundation and you have no lasting structure. The family is therefore, the very fabric where values are firstly built and imprinted in the individual. Because no society is independent of the family structure, once this very dynamic component of the society is infringed and destroyed we begin to see the very deterioration of the same society. Societies in which the family structure is not respected are very vulnerable societies because the very foundation of such societies has been tempered with. The family structure is the sanctuary of any society, it is there where individuals are formed, it is there where the pillars of any society are constructed, thus playing the most important role in the building of the society. Hence, it is fundamentally important to any society to value and to reassess the role of the family. To attempt to build a society without respecting the pivotal role that the family plays in the very erecting of that society is tantamount to build a house in the sea where there is no foundation. We all know that that house will not stay there for very long time, because in no time it will be subjected to the fury of the sea waves which will come against it with no mercy at all. Therefore, it is paramount to the survival of any society to allow the family to function in her role as the mother of society as she begins to build values in the individuals that eventually become part of the same. It is impossible to dissociate the family from the society because it is the family that makes the society. Consequently, when the family begins to build values in the individuals that are part of the same society, the construction process of the same society begins. Hence, the family must take a role of building individuals with a quality of life that will eventually be reflected in the same society, thus, having a value base society.

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