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quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010


The days in which we live are days of intense pain, distress, and confusion for mankind. From the economic recession that affected the United States and most countries in Europe and all over the world, to the natural disasters that we have been witnessing lately. Naming the floods in Pakistan that the United Nations secretary General described as a slow moving Tsunami, to the fires in Russia, the torrential rains in China combined with mud slides, the civil servants strike in South Africa, the protest from some angels of the American citizens against the construction of a mosque at the ground zero, the terrorist attacks both in Uganda and most recently in Somalia; the drug war in Mexico to the deportation of the Roma population from France, well, the list is endless. For sure the space and the time does not allow one to name all the challenges and quagmires taking place in the world today. However, i believe that anyone will agree with me that we are indeed living in season of so much distress and pain all over the world. One does not necessarily have to be at the epicenter of the problem to feel the effects of such predicament in his own backyard. The question however, that many may be asking is what next? What is going on? What is the solution for all this problems affecting the nations of the world? Does any body have an answer to all such questions? Is anybody capable of offering a solution to the most daring question that this generation is currently asking? Well, i hope to hear from you soon!

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