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sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010


The essence of life is one of the most challenging aspects ones existence in this world. What is life all about? What is the meaning of life? This are questions that most people battle with throughout their lifetime on planet earth. No matter which part of the world we are born at, what culture or race we belong to, no matter which nationality, no matter what level of education one may have, we all at some point in our journey through life are faced with these challenging questions. This is the ultimate quest for life.
Some people put emphasis on acquiring material gain, on their education, career, their skin color,the shape of their bodies. In as much as all these things are important , they do not accurately constitute what life is all about. For the essence of life does not consist on the abundance of ones possessions, neither in the nobility of ones belief systems, cultural traits, or human and philosophical constructs. We all spend a great deal of resources of some kind in the pursuit of what our cultures, education, nationality, or environment has defined for us that life is all about. The kind of people we are or become is a vivid disclosure of what we deem and understand life to be.
I would like to express the view that life is more that a philosophical dilemma that our cultures try to explain and inculcate in us. Life is a dogma as it where, because there are no two ways to live life, there is only one way which is THE WAY. Jesus said "i am the way, the truth, and the life". There is what is called the life, which is essentially inherent in Christ. He is the very essence of living, for in Him we live, and move, and have our being. Hence the quest of ones life should be in discovering the intricate details of that life and what it entails to live. In contrary to popular beliefs, Christ is not a religion neither is He a religious person. He is the principle upon which life is lived and should be lived. I assume that we all agree that life is governed by principles, i must say though, that the epicenter of life is Christ. He is the ultimate principle of life." Without me you can do nothing", said Christ. Indeed without Him we cannot even live, not to talk about doing anything. Therefor, the challenge upon us is to start living THE LIFE, and cease to exist. The majority of the people on the face of the earth spend their times existence thinking that they are living, but this cannot be far from THE TRUTH. Life is Christ, life is in Christ, Christ is life.

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